Spawn of a Queen Hornet Mum and a Fire Ant Dad, hatched from an egg in Clapton, East London long ago. Was bang into Hip hop, Heavy Metal and Punk Rock in my wayward teens, still am, only moshpits aint feasable any more. I just stand at the back!

I’ve had many jobs in the past to pay the bills, printer, pizza delivery, labourer, gardener, sewage worker to name a few and spent some years trying to break into the comics industry as an illustrator and also dabbled in animation, however, making a living from either hobby came to naught.

I spent a number of years in the carpentry trade then decided to leave the grey skies of London to live in the fine city of Norwich to bring up my two young boys, my favourite insects ever!

Not long after I picked up a tattoo machine and have not looked back since. I found a true calling and after a lot of hard work aswell as encouragement and support from friends already working in the industry (much love to Phil Cummins and Yoyo) I was able to persue a career creating art for peoples skin, Magick!

I believe in peace and respect for my fellow insects and the vast power of our imaginations. I enjoy working with all styles of tattooing along with designing bespoke tattoos and successful cover-ups.