My tattoo career began back in 2012; during the time I spent completing a degree in Graphic Design (specialising in illustration). I was offered an apprenticeship, in a studio near Nottingham – it was then that I realised I wanted to tattoo people full time. The opportunity I was given, really changed my life – I love my job – not only because I get to create pieces of art every day; but I also get to meet so many interesting people. 

I continue to paint, using a range of different media from oils to digital, which transfers over to my style of tattooing. I mainly take on realism work, but also enjoy sometimes mixing it with watercolour effects. Most of my work is created by using photographs and digital brushes. 

I moved to Norwich towards the end of 2014, to work at Rude Boy Studios, and since being here I’ve settled right in! I always look forward to seeing what exciting pieces I’ll get to take on. Thank you to everyone past and present that has been tattooed by me.